Creative Web Development
& Art Direction
A creative studio with love for code, visuals and everything in between.
2023 — Santiago Chamber of Commerce
Cyber 2023
2020 — Yup… our old website
Solitario vol. 1
2021 — Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
Freshmen Fair 2021
Cyber 2023

A subtle but wide renovation of the highest traffic peak website in Chile.

Along with the good friends at Lovit; and harnessing the power of Wordpress multisite, we developed a network of sub-sites with diverse customization options for each of the Cyber events across each year.

Agrosuper global

In collaboration with Dive, we were tasked with refreshing Agrosuper's global web presence and portray in dynamic fashion their focus shift across all communication pilars.

Chile's fish

When our friends at Pedro, Juan & Diego asked for our help coming up with a platform to customize the iconic San José tuna can; we hopped on board immediately.

A simple customization system, with popular voting, for a limited collection of one of the most consumed products by chilean families.

Solitario vol. 1

Our first webiste, winner of multiple awards –including The FWA's Site of the day and the starting point to our journey as a studio.

Freshmen Fair 2021

The good people at Imagina Chile invited us to code their vision for the new, all digital version, of Pontifical Catholic University of Chile's yearly event for new applicants.

An easy access platform, for all the information regarding careers, live lectures, media galleries, while remaining fully functional on mobile.

  • General Direction Imagina Chile
  • Coding and UX Solitario
Elige Innovar

Year after year, Elige Educar pushes good practices forward in education in Chile; and for some time now the've been giving the Elige Innovar award to celebrate creative teaching initiatives across the country.

We were invited to imagine and code a playful and dynamic interface, that featured the visual style developed by their in-house team; and was easily accessible for users across all regions.

  • Art Direction Natalia Cerda
  • General Direction Gabriela Warner
  • Coding and UX Solitario
Living Memories

During Augusto Pinochet's regime, thousands went missing, leaving many families without closure. This project seeked to help 10 of these families to imagine what their loved ones' future could have been, and all of us to reflect on the consequences of abuse.

A project we're deeply proud of, and earned us our first Awwward in 2018.

  • Creative Direction Wolf BPP
  • Production Ojo de Buey
  • Photo retouching Salamágica
  • Photography Renato del Valle
  • Coding and UX Solitario

Based in Santiago, Chile; we're a small studio with years of experience in web development and graphic design, with a simple goal: creating great digital experiences.

We specialize in:

  • Web Development
  • UI & UX
  • Wordpress
  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Creativity

We work as a creative network. Whether it's web developers, graphic designers, advertising creatives or any other craft; we love connecting with interesting people who are constantly creating and looking for their next big idea. So whenever a new project arrives at our desk, we're ready to go.

On the other end, our clients are people who believe in craft and the beauty of things. Sure, there are deadlines, but that shouldn't mean sacrificing a user's experience when interacting with your product.

We enjoy working with people who see this, and look for quality without compromise.

In essence, we help creatives reach bigger clients and opportunities, while offering an array of high quality professionals to any client willing to team with us.

Our work has been recognised by:

  • Awwwards
  • The FWA
  • CSS Design Awards
  • Chile Diseño
  • Effie
  • … among others

So… you wanna work with us?